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Work and live in Tel Aviv

Solo Exhibitions​ 

2010 Jerusalem Artists House, Only she Knows, Curator: Sharon Poliakine 

2009 Tel Aviv Artists studios Gallery, Tel Aviv, New Works 

2005 Nachshon Gallery, Nachshon, Cross Roads 

2003 Janco Da Da Museum, Ein Hod, Wall Exhibit 

2000 Central Gallery of Art Mosararah , Jerusalem, Installation 

1999 Tmuna Theater Gallery, Tel Aviv, Nothing is Clear 


Group Exhibitions​

2022  Specific Site, Almacen, jaffa, Curator: Yael Sloma

2021 (- sep2022)  Beyond The Elite, Hebrew Universiry, Jerusalem, Curator: Dr. Ido Noy

2019 Traces VII– Action Line The 7th Biennale for Drawing, The Artists House, Jerusalem, Curator: Hadas Maor

2018 On A Clear Day, Barbur Art Gallery, collaboration work, Jerusalem, Curator: Abraham Kritzman

2014 Sitespecific, The Cube, Jerusalem

2012 MFA Graduation Exhibition, Haifa University

2008 ART BLOCK, The European Postgraduate Residency, Germany 

2007 The Artists House, Jerusalem, 'Traces III' The Third Biennale for Drawing, Curator: Dalia Manor 

2007 The Artists Residence, Herzeliya, 'Space/Street', Curator: Varda Genosar 

2007 Margoza 36 Independent Space, Jaffa, 'Margoza Prize'

2006 RawArt Gallery, Tel Aviv, View, Curator: Nir Harmat 

2005 Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, A3 Israeli Drawing, Curator: Avraham Eilat 

2005 ARTCONCEPT, St. Petersburg Russia, Photo Installation 

2005 Hangar 26, Tel Aviv, League, Curator: Galya Yahav

Projects/ Events​

2021 Almacen Harakevet, Temporary Branch, site specific & works

2021 (Until july 21) A Bite, virtual+Museum screening, Jacodada museum, Ein Hod

2020 SiteAction with #YomBahir, HaEmpty Space, Tel Aviv

2019 Hamekarer3, Tel-Aviv

2017 40+08, Art Marathon Residency in the Negev

2015-16 Half board, site specific Collaboration project, Ramot Hashavim,  Colleagues : Dorit Goddard and Noa Tavori

​2014 Video+, Helena Rubinstein for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum, Ruti Director&Ben Herzog

2013 Site Action, Abounded Army Base Dead Sea 

2011 Artist Class, Diagliv, Tel Aviv, curator: Moran Shoub

​1999 Janco Da Da Museum, Ein Hod, Adi's Wall 

2009 WhiteBOX Gallery, Munich, Germany, Childhood Stories

​2007 Underground Station, Haifa, Eifo Behefo, Curator: Maayan Sheleff


2009 Rabinowitz foundation Finance Award​


2020 ACAC Arad Contemporary Art Center

2019 ACAC Arad Contemporary Art Center 

2017 40+08, Art Residency Marathon in the Negev

2008 ART BLOCK, Germany


Ha'aretz, review by Uzi Zur, 2021 

In and Out, Between and Beyond, catalog. Jerusalem: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2021.

Portfolio art magazine, about Arad Residency visit, 2020

Traces VII– Action Line The 7th Biennale for Drawing, The Artists House, Jerusalem, Catalog, 2019

MFA graduation catalog, 2012

Ha'aretz, critic by Smadar Sheffi, 2009 

ART BLOCK, Residency Exhibition Catalog, 2008 

Hoyerswerdaer Tageblatt, article by Von Mirko Kolodziej, 2008 

A5 magazine, Beginning, 1st Issue 2007 

Walla site, article by Chen Reznik on Margoza prize exhibition, 2007 

Traces 3, Drawing Biennale, The artist house, Jerusalem, catalog, 2007 

No ones doll, catalog, art museums forum, 2005 

A leap DADA wards, Janco Dada museum, Ein Hod, 2002 

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